System integration: Pre-paid billing system for Romanian mobile operator

Business challenge

Tier-1 mobile operator in Romania, with over 9.5 million subscribers and thousands of corporate customers in its portfolio, decided to replace the account management component of its prepaid billing system with a new platform.

The operator selected R Systems based on its extensive experience and expertise in system integration projects, as well as its previous cooperation with the operator in the same business area.

R Systems contribution and solution

R Systems’ involvement in the project began in the requirement clarification phase, continuing throughout the development, integration, deployment and support stages. Given the complexity of the integration, R Systems also managed the synchronization of the plan and technical aspects with multiple parties involved in the project: the provider of the online charging platform, the provider of the IVR and USSD platforms and the operator.

The project was executed in parallel development cycles. Throughout the implementation however, change requests from user acceptance tests or production overlapped with the development cycles in progress. Therefore R Systems approached the project in an agile manner which allowed its team to advance smoothly through the development stages. In terms of technologies and development languages, the project involved the use of C and Java, and integration on SOAP web services.

R Systems managed to successfully implement the system within budget and the one-year timeline, and with a team of 9 people.

The migration of the operator’s all 4 million prepaid subscriber data (accounts, subscriptions, etc.) to the new system was prepared and executed successfully over one night, the system being ready to receive traffic the next day.

The support services for the go-live stage of the migration required 72 hour continuous onsite presence and 3 weeks of observation for the platform. The quality and timely development and delivery from R Systems met the customer’s expectations and also allowed the operator to successfully launch, in due time, new products and offers which had been announced and marketed for the autumn campaigns.

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