Intelligent automation has become the core of today’s competitive market and is the key to innovation and performance. For this reason, modern organizations must embrace technology to drive growth, improve processes and focus on delivering seamless customer experience.

R Systems supports companies in their path to digitalization, through Intelligent Business Automation (IBA) services. Combined with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help businesses improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of business operations, while also reducing costs and human error. 

By enriching your data with Artificial Intelligence, its potential will crystallize, and the applicability is immense.

Why implement IBA solutions?


cost reduction

compared to manual document processing


decrease in errors

resulting in more efficient operations


reduction in time

employees spend on document processing


in productivity

and customer satisfaction

R Systems - Your Intelligent Automation Partner

R Systems has almost 30 years of experience in supporting organizations to improve performance and accelerate digital transformation, driven by intelligent business automation. Our experienced automation team will be involved in the automation process from start to finish, to ensure successful implementation and maximize ROI. 

With an agile, flexible and customer centric approach, we have delivered proven results for companies in the most digitally mature industries, such as telecom, retail, manufacturing or banking.

Our certifications

Microsoft partner data & AI azure_colo

R Systems solutions and services

Reporting, Analytics & Predictions

powered by intelligent DWH using cloud and ML

Intelligent document processing

using AI and RPA

Image, Video & Audio processing

using AI and ML


  • Build recommendation engines, run sentiment analysis, determine the propensity of a customer to buy your product
  • Optimize prices, improve customer segmentationsales and marketing campaigns effectiveness



  • Optimize the supply chain by forecasting demand
  • Increase availability of the factories by running predictive maintenance and detecting anomalies
  • Create a secure environment for workers by monitoring PPE compliance

 Energy and utilities

  • Invoice reconciliation: match bank statements to the outgoing and incoming invoices to make sure that all accounts are clean, and book entries are correct
  • Streamline the onboarding process of customers with intelligent document processing technologies

 Banking and insurance

  • Detect potential fraudulent transactions or fake claims
  • Automate repeatable payment processing tasks, vendor payments and payroll processing
  • Augment human workers with digital workforce


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