The fastest way to automate complex processes, gain time and lower your operational costs


Remove repetition out of the work and let your employees focus on what matters. At R Systems we work with your mission-critical and core processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) combined with RPA.
We go beyond BPM, Workflows and traditional approaches like data manipulation and record-keeping activities so you an expand automation fast, into real-time environments. Boost your business productivity, ensure compliance, and enhance overall customer journey experiences with Intelligent Process Automation.

Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

REDUCE COSTS AND TIME related to manual data processing – automate repetitive, replicable and routine tasks
IMPROVE DECISION MAKING PROCESS by leveraging massive data analysis and processing
BOOST AGILITY – scale up without additional costs or scale down along with keeping the whole workforce – robots

REDUCE DOWNTIMES through fast spotting of threats and solving issues in advance

GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE from employees’ best skills that push for innovation within the company


Our Services Include

Specific automation opportunities

Pinpoint repetitive, manual tasks for which Intelligent Process Automation can increase accuracy, reduce costs, with a positive impact on customer experience.​

AI-Powered Task Mining​

Identify common errors in manual processing in areas that matter the most.

Technologies like NLP & OCR analyze user interaction data and improve performance.

AI-Powered Process Mining​

Predictive and scenario analysis of the impact of various process changes before the costly implementation and potential re-work, through data mapping and visual process analytics. ​

Intelligent Chatbots

​ Intelligent chatbots use advanced NLP to provide optimal solutions to inquiries in a human-like engaging manner. ​
R Systems partnered with leading Cloud providers, including AWS Chatbots, MS Azure Bots, GCP Bots, Salesforce Chatbots​

Automation Readiness Assessment

Take the next steps

Find out the ways to scale automation projects with R Systems
Easily identify the automation opportunities with our personalized process mining systems

Get real automation scenarios based on your business cases with calculated ROI
We help you prioritize the automation projects that will help reduce manual effort and turnaround time with improved quality and customer satisfaction

R Systems: Your Automation Partner
From Strategy & Planning, To Execution & Management

Embark on the automation journey with R Systems full spectrum of services from start to finish. Our experienced automation leaders work synergically to ensure successful implementation of your automation efforts, and to maximize the ROI.

Key Takeaways for Your Organization

Speed and Accuracy
Service Delivery
Technology Agnostic
Flexible Engagement Model
Technology Agnostic

Better Strategic Focus​
Partner Ecosystems​
Sustainable Competitive Edge


Automation Readiness Assessment


About R Systems

  • European division of global digital transformation leader R Systems Group
  • 25+ years of experience in technology and telecom and 2,700+ experts worldwide 
  • 1,000+ projects successfully delivered to more than 100 global clients through 16 technology centers and 25+ offices across the globe
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