Introducing NESA – the new solution for telecom network experience and service assurance

R Systems Europe is introducing NESA, the new solution for enhanced telecom network experience, service assurance and predictive maintenance. This cloud-native automated platform empowers telecom operators to successfully tackle 4G/5G network performance challenges, using existing standard traffic traces.

Starting from the requirements of our telecom operator customers around the globe, NESA – Network Experience Service Assurance platform is the solution to some of the top challenges in telco service assurance: high costs with drive testing, high resolution times, lack of visibility over the network and vendor lock-in. R Systems Europe incorporates industry specific know-how with cloud, automation and advanced technology expertise to propose a differentiated offer for a vendor-agnostic platform serving all networks. NESA provides: driveless RAN rollout with Minimization of Drive Testing (MDT),  telco-grade SaaS, secure hardened, elastic architecture designed for big data, and zero-touch network integration, with no IT and no network changes. From a business perspective, NESA – Network Experience Service Assurance guarantees significant cost reduction through driveless 4G/5G rollout, time saving with automated replacement of drive tests for site certification and quality assessment, improved user experience in terms of data throughput and voice quality and enhanced network performance through coverage heatmaps analysis, hotspot detection and network capacity upgrades, and predictive maintenance.

For more details about the platform, we invite you to get in touch with our solution expert team at

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