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“Where do you see yourself in five years?” When Bogdan was asked this during his interview for a junior software developer job at R Systems, he replied: “I see myself in your position, head of development”.

And, true to his word, he became head of development.

Agata Wilczynska - R Systems HR Business Partner

When I first came to the R Systems interview, I could hear laughs from the kitchen and the entire vibe of the office was a relaxed and welcoming one. It was my first impression, and it was the right one. More than 5 years and one pandemic later, I still like to come to the office, from time to time, and catch up with colleagues over a coffee.”  

Starting her career with us as a researcher, growing into a recruiter and then HR BP role, Agata is all about people. Check out her insights about the team, work experience and career development with R Systems. 

How to work in different time zones, thousands of miles apart from each other – Tham should know. Looking at Malaysian sunset while on the call with Romanian colleagues who just have had their breakfast – it’s his everyday life. A dash of modern technology, a drop of trust and a pinch of empathy makes a recipe for a good, long distance collab.

“Back in the days I used to travel a lot, but the reality keeps changing and so are we. If you’re surrounded by committed people who stand by their words and follow through, it’s really not that difficult.”

Meet our team at R Systems - Senior Software Engineer

Almost six years ago, Daniela accepted a remote job offer from R Systems and, looking back, she says that this flexibility was one of the first green flags about the company: “At the time, most companies wouldn’t even consider remote work, so the fact that R Systems understood that this was important to me was a welcome surprise.”  

Sylwia is a go-getter, not afraid to ask questions and knows when to listen. What drives her is the change. Luckily, this is just the place to fulfill that need.  

Five years ago, she went on a Software Tester job hunt with a bunch of paper CVs. Quite unconventional these days, isn’t it? Nevertheless, it paid off – only 4 hours after leaving her resume at R Systems’ reception desk, she got a call, and the journey began.

Meet our team - R Systems

Roxana is an avid traveler who loves discovering new places, exploring fascinating cultures, and meeting people from all over the world. She truly is a global citizen, and her passion for travelling has played a big role in becoming the amazing Senior Recruiter she is today.

Roxana is a great communicator who loves learning new things – both technically and on a personal level. In the past five years, she’s adapted to a lot of changes and grown professionally along with the company. 


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