Modern subscription management solution successfully deployed in production

R Systems successfully implemented and deployed in production a modern subscription management and provisioning solution at major US telecom operator, with over 50 million subscribers.

The operator was using a subscription management and provisioning solution built on an old specific AAA platform which was hard to maintain and extend/integrate with new technologies.

In order to address these challenges, R Systems proposed a new solution which keeps track of the subscriptions and propagates changes to other systems, but also meets the specific requirements of the operator, including: 3xN geographical redundancy, 30 third party systems to be notified for various events related to subscribers’ profiles. In terms of performance, the solution successfully achieved 10,000 TPS per geographical site, the system being dimensioned for 3,000 TPS per each geographical site distributed across various SOAP/HTTP APIs.

R Systems implemented a modern solution with a simpler but more reliable architecture, developed purely in Java.  The new solution allows also easier deployment with no opportunity for user error, faster development of future change requests and running 1,800 end-to-end test cases in only 12 minutes with automated testing. It also facilitates the migration of network access points (NAP) to non-durable virtual machines and it is ready for migration to cloud infrastructure.

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