New webinar for the students of the Telecommunications Faculty

We are happy to be invited again this year to organize a webinar for the students of the Electronics, Telecommunications and IT Faculty, UPB.

On March 29, 2021, starting at 5.00pm EET, our Solution Architect Alexandru Cristu will be speaking in a live webinar about “Big Data and Distributed Systems in Telco: Cassandra, Kafka, Elastic Stack, Microservices, Kubernetes”.

The webinar opens the opportunity to explore the software architectures that enabled the huge success of GSM/3G/4G and the open source technologies that will enable the future VoLTE/5G software architectures: big data, scalable public and private clouds, distributed systems and microservices, loose coupling, eventual consistency, container engines (K8s), CI/CT/CD.
We thank our partners from the ETTI Faculty, Politehnica University of Bucharest, for the invitation and our colleague Alexandru Cristu for his involvement in the event, for sharing his expertise and providing students with a more practical perspective of the concepts studied in university courses.
The online presentation is part of a larger series of student-dedicated initiatives, including internships, tech talks and cooperations with technical faculties in top university centers, where R Systems is actively involved in supporting students and junior programmers to start and develop successful careers in technology and telecommunications.
Participation is open to all students based on pre-registration here.

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