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Modern Subscription Management and Provisioning solution implemented at major US telecom operator

R Systems successfully implemented and deployed in production the Modern Subscription Management and Provisioning solution at a major US telecom operator with over 50 million subscribers.

The operator was using a subscription management and provisioning solution built on an old specific AAA platform which was hard to maintain, extend or integrate with new technologies.

In order to address these challenges, R Systems proposed a new solution which keeps track of the subscriptions and propagates changes to other systems, but also meets the specific requirements of the operator. These requirements included 3xN geographical redundancy and 30 third party systems that needed to be notified about various events related to subscribers’ profiles. In terms of performance, the solution successfully achieved 3,000 TPS per geographical site, the system being scaled for 10,000 TPS per each geographical site distributed across various SOAP/HTTP APIs.

R Systems implemented a modern solution with a simpler, but more reliable architecture, developed purely in Java. The new solution also allows easier deployment with no possibility for user error and faster development for future change requests. It also facilitates the migration of Network Access Points (NAP) to non-durable virtual machines and it is ready for the migration to cloud infrastructure.

R Systems participates at the European Utility Week 2015 in Vienna

Vienna, November 3-5, 2015. In partnership with international utilities and telecom companies, R Systems has recently developed an innovative utility meter-to-cash solution, allowing electricity supply to resident customers on a prepay basis.

The solution was showcased for the first time, in live demo, at the European Utility Week, where R Systems representatives and partnering companies were available to provide more details.

The solution provides a mobile enabled approach to metering, billing and collection, allowing electricity companies to serve prepay consumers in a cost effective, customer friendly and easily scalable way.

Raluca Rusu, R Systems International CEO, said:

“The tried and tested capabilities of telecom systems are ideal to support brand new services like real time usage monitoring and charging, personalized tariffs or pre-paid billings in the utilities sector. There is also a natural synergy between the telco and utilities sectors which we believe opens many business opportunities and benefits for both businesses.”

About European Utility Week

European Utility Week is the annual landmark event of the European energy calendar bringing together all significant market forces and stakeholders under one roof. During the three-day event in Vienna, over 10,000 international smart energy stakeholders and 420 solution providers share insights on the trends and innovations in the energy sector, as well as on the role of the policy maker and the new market entrant in a cleaner future.

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