Nearshore integration partner in deployment of convergent billing system

Customer profile and business challenge

By inventing world’s first GSM-prepaid solution in 1994, OrgaSystems established a new benchmark and revolutionized mobile telephone communication. Now their convergent billing solutions are initiating a second revolution to shape the future of this technology, too. OPSC Gold supports all pre-and postpaid payment methods and features an outstanding real-time rating flexibility as well as extensive billing and credit management functionalities.

During its initial deployment at a major mobile operator in CIS, OrgaSystems selected R Systems as its system integration services partner.

R Systems contribution and solution

R Systems offered two teams of highly skilled specialists with appropriate telecom system integration experience responsible for development, configuration and testing in successive shipment phases. Both teams were coordinated by the R Systems local line manager, who ensured team unity and an efficient resource management. Working both on and off-site as the process required, the teams were able to easily and efficiently adapt to the customer’s product and processes, whilst optimizing overhead expenses.

Using previous rating and charging experience, the R Systems team was able to integrate to the client’s organization in less than two months and became fully efficient. Benefiting from R Systems’ long experience of working with clients situated remotely, it was possible to overcome all inherent communication, cultural and environment challenges quickly and to keep abreast with OrgaSystems in its effort to meet tight deadlines.

The R Systems project team was comprised of:

  • 4 senior system integration engineers responsible for the successful integration of OrgaSystems’ convergent billing system OPSC Gold
  • 5 system integration test engineers responsible for the onsite test-activities system, with technical qualifications in postpaid billing, prepaid billing, real-time rating and charging, mediation, GSM/UMTS, JBoss/J2EE, Java, UNIX, UNIX tools and shell scripting, Oracle, XML.

Client benefits

By incorporating R Systems know how and services in this deployment effort, Orga Systems had access to a skilled team of engineers, reduced overhead costs of the project, increased customization capacity and released in-house staff for product enhancement.

This allowed them to provide a smooth and on-time migration for their mobile operator end-customer and deliver the product at the end client in less than 2 months.

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