Software development: Web-based GUI for prepaid billing system

Customer profile

Our customer is a leading telecom provider and one of the foremost IT companies, specialized in offering mobile communications, fixed networks, Internet and digital TV to corporate and residential customers.
In 2014, the company reported an annual revenue of approximately Eur 9bn and had over 20,000 employees.

Business challenge

The company had been using a legacy pre-paid billing graphical user interface (GUI) which was developed as a desktop application by multiple suppliers over 15 years.

The internal audit revealed that the application made direct connections from desktop to back-end systems and thus no longer complied with the company’s security policy. In order to address this issue and comply with its internal security regulations, the company decided to contract a specialized provider to rewrite the existing application into a new web-based application.

R Systems was selected for this project, among other bidding providers, for its solid knowledge of the operator’s backend systems, as well as its track record of other successful web GUI projects.

R Systems contribution and solution

The solution implemented by R Systems involved the complete rewriting of the application using modern architecture and technologies.

Vaadin – Google Web Toolkit based framework was used for front-end and back-end components, AJAX was used for the communication between the client and the server, Spring framework was mainly used for inversion of control and dependency injection, while JPA/Hibernate implemented the database model and database access.

The new graphical user interface is available to customer care agents and other user groups from within a browser and is integrated with the operator’s Single Sign On system.

The architecture facilitates future upgrades because it is deployed on the server unlike its desktop predecessor. The project also consolidated a number of other peripheral applications into a uniform interface with clear access separation for various user groups.

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