Sharpening our Agile development mindset, methods and practices

R Systems team have exercised their Agile development skills in a 2-day workshop organised by DOvelopers, at our office in Bucharest.

The team worked (and had fun) together to develop a common understanding of agile methods and to identify practical tools to improve efficiency and collaboration. They also learnt how to provide transparency, how to adapt and involve the entire team to continuous improvement.

Among the main topics of the agenda there were lean thinking, adaptive planning, in-depth comparison of Scrum, Kanban and Extreme Programming, information radiators, techniques for retrospectives, how to create an improvement and learning backlog. Last but not least, as one of the participants said:

fully embracing Agile development methodology can help all members of the team to gain knowledge and be a part of the entire project flow.

Check the photos below for more insights from the workshop.

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