TOP Testing Suite is an automated test solution for end-to-end testing, evaluation and validation of telecom services. TOP Testing Suite automates test plans, reduces regression testing from days to minutes and supports continuous testing in line with Agile and DevOps practices.  

Modular, multi-protocol solution based on JMeter with opensource elements and Computaris plugins

Diameter Client and Server, with Diameter interfaces including: Ro/Gy, Rf, Gx, Sy, S6a/S6d/S6c, Sh, Cx/Dx, etc.

Flexible Diameter dictionary

  • MAP – all versions supported
  • CAP – all Camel phases supported
  • INAP – onlyETSI Core INAP CS-1 currently supported

Support for both ANSI and ITU standards, at MTP, TCAP and SCCP layers

  • SIP
  • LDAP
  • Telnet/SSH
  • Web Services (SOAP/HTTP)
  • SMPP and SMPP Server Plugin enhancement
  • HTTP Server

TOP Testing Suite can simulate both Diameter and SIP signaling used in VoLTE session management.

The Diameter interfaces supported on top of Base Protocol include: Cx, Dh, Dx, Gy, Gx, Rf, Ro, Rx, S6a, Sh, S9, Sy.

The SIP plugin provides connectivity to VoLTE x-CSCF elements allowing for sending SIP messages used in registration, IMS session initiation, charging and release.

CI/CD support, Jenkins integration, J-unit plugin support is recommended and this sets a great roadmap for the DevOps model, while the 5G HTTP2 demo built the client's confidence to pursue the R Systems automated testing tool even for 5G cloud native solutions.

Sprint, USA

Features and specifications

TOP Testing Suite enables functional, load, performance, stress, stability, and configuration testing in complex telco and IT environments. 

TOP Testing Suite provides a full set of testing tools featuring all major industry-wide IT and telecom protocols. It allows extensive testing of BSS/OSS applications, SS7 and IP network elements and E2E telecom services. 

With Jenkins as the most popular and widely adopted solution among CI tools used today by software teams, we have developed a plugin which allows the fast and easy integration of the TTS with Jenkins. This allows QA teams to automatically create and plan test cases and easily run tests in a Jenkins Pipeline CI project.

CI/CD support, Jenkins integration, J-unit plugin support set a great roadmap for the DevOps model.

TOP Testing Suite is easy to use and provides an intuitive graphical user interface which doesn’t require programming skills and is faster than other GUI tools.

TOP Testing Suite comes with expert support ensuring smooth implementation, handover, developments and prompt customer service, according to established SLAs.

The support services provided by R Systems for the TOP Testing Suite have been excellent, I couldn’t have asked for more. A dedicated expert was always available, helping with the creation and implementation of the initial test cases, throughout handover, further developments and ongoing support later on.

Tamas Kopacsi, Test Manager - Swisscom

Selected use cases

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