Sweets and good deeds on Cake Day in R Systems

We have a sweet tooth for homemade cookies and a natural disposition toward good deeds and giving a helping hand. When these two come together we call it a Cake Day in R Systems. And Cake Day it was on December the 6th, 2018, at our office in Galati.

Our colleagues home baked loads of sweets and put them to sale to raise money for two special projects based in Galati: Sophia Science – a space dedicated to experimenting and play by testing the laws of physics, chemistry or biology, and a charitable Christmas fair raising money to cover the treatment costs for two little girls with severe medical problems.

We thank our colleagues for their involvement and hope our efforts will make a positive impact in the life of the children! We leave you with a quick glimpse of the treats below…

cake day in R Systems - Galati

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