Webinar: 3 Practical Ways to Maximize Business Agility using Intelligent Process Automation

When it comes to competitive advantage there’s always room for improvement. Scaling your company’s operations faster and making use of even the most unstructured data can give your efforts next level results.

Intelligent Process Automation Webinar powered by Google Cloud - R Systems

Intelligent Process Automation supports companies in dealing with all the burdening operations that are no longer part of the present digitalized environment, like: 

    • Manual data entry, a process that it time consuming, costly, often inefficient and prone to human errors 
    • Legacy applications – several disparate legacy system are tied to the same backend, making data analysis and integration a real issue 
    • High expenses generated by implementing new technologies while performing ongoing processes 

If these problems sound familiar and you are looking for ways to reduce costs and automate complex workflows, look no further. Join us on May 26th, at 15.00 EET, in a live webinar powered by Google Cloud to learn how to: 

  • Reduce human effort and increase employee productivity by 40% using Google Cloud AI capabilities and RPA  
  • Achieve accurate data capture and instantly “read”, extract, interpret and process data even from handwritten documents, images or scans  
  • Build your roadmap to get zero-paper processes with specific pre-build integrations, workflows and configurations examples 

Curious to learn from our Google experts how to apply automation strategies to optimize back-office operations, increase workforce productivity and implement paperless processes? Ask your questions live on May 26th from 15:00 EET and you can also win a pair of AirPods 2. 

Apple AirPods prize at IPA webinar

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