What call center conversations can tell you about your customers and employees

Speech analytics is not a new technology to the market but its benefits are still unknown to many business executives.
Knowing that customer interaction via call centers is a significant communication channel for most organizations, let’s explore together the opportunities presented by speech analytics software in gaining quality insights.
56 million hours of conversation are spoken every day in call centers worldwide. Customers call to discuss their service issues, product use, expectations and preferences. and the information shared through spoken interaction largely remains untapped.

Speech analytics is a complete tool for collecting data, analyzing calls and gaining a clear vision of their ingrained information. Speech Analytics ultimately measures the customers’ emotions, context and intent. Used correctly it can increase service quality, boost revenue and lower operating expenses and customer attrition.
Here are 5 of the most frequent use cases of speech analytics in call centers:
1. Tone and sentiment analysis: Speech analytics systems can analyze the tone and detect the sentiment of voice. Tone can also signify age, which can be used to determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign on a specific age segment.
2. Talk and silence pattern analysis: The talk and the silence patterns can be analyzed to measure emotions and levels of satisfaction, helping to identify and prioritize what needs immediate attention.
3. Agents’ performance monitoring: Monitoring agents’ interactions with customers can easily detect the best performing agents and those who need additional training.
4. Call segmentation: Calls which are difficult for agents to handle may be identified, segmented, and implemented using specific business processes.
5. Decision making: The insights gained from the information may help in making decisions and implementing new policies for product & service improvement.

Speech analytics must be integrated with the global strategy in order to help businesses drive product and process innovation and accelerate powerful market differentiation.
To find more about speech analytics and how it can help you improve your business success by improving customers’ experience, feel free to contact us at marketing@eu.rsystems.com

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