What kind of MVNO entrepreneur are you?

At R Systems we are often approached by various organizations being interested in starting an MVNO business or already running MVNOs that look at further investments in technology. Many are asking directly about the technical capabilities and pricing. We translate such requests in two scenarios: either they are in the learning phase or they are so advanced in their business case implementation that the only need is to select a technology and then kick off. As average, most of them are very early in the learning phase.

An MVNO business start-up requires knowledge in three main areas: marketing, technology and operational efficiency. Cost-wise, marketing and technology usually put more weight on CAPEX while the operational efficiency is related to OPEX. Many customers would like to move as much cost as possible under the OPEX, hoping that the revenues generated from the business will pay for that. Of course, smaller CAPEX is more attractive for the investors hesitant to invest in a potentially risky MVNO business.

We usually assess the MVNO customers interested to acquire technology from two perspectives: marketing and technology. We do this because based on such assessment, we know that they will need a different approach in the pre-implementation phase and we can help them differently.

Depending on the levels of knowledge on technology or marketing the MVNOs need various types of help. We created some categories based on MVNOs level of knowledge in marketing and technology. Depending on these categories the MVNO should have different priorities.

The whitepaper aims to share with its audience the recommended approach when considering investing in MVNO technology, as one of 3 major pillars that determine an MNVO’s success: investment in technology, marketing and operational.

We created 4 categories based on the level of knowledge in marketing and technology (the Rookie, the Market Expert, the Technologist and the Sophisticated) and for each category we made recommendations in regards to their priorities, emphasizing:

  • How they should deploy their MNVO
  • How technology vendors can help each category of MVNOs
  • How could be the expected level of accuracy of any budgetary offer for each category
  • What are the technical elements with the biggest impact on a budgetary quotation
  • What are the main factors to consider before deciding to invest in technology

Click here to download our whitepaper: When should an MVNO invest in technology

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