January 6, 2016

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How mobile operators can gain more power with network visibility

Network visibility can profoundly transform the complex world of mobile networks as it can comprise the big picture, but also zoom in on how their components are being used. For Business support system (BSS) teams, network visibility is about new revenue generating services. For operational support system (OSS) teams, it’s about having an impact in planning and improving the productivity of the network.

Satinder Rekhi, Computaris Chairman of the Board

Satinder Singh Rekhi

Satinder Singh Rekhi, leading figure in the information technology industry, founded R Systems in 1993. Prior to joining …

Raluca Rusu - Computaris CEO

Raluca Rusu

Raluca Rusu is R Systems Europe CEO since 2014, responsible for the business development and operations of Computaris …

Bogdan Tudan, Computaris US Business Unit Director

Bogdan Tudan

Bogdan Tudan joined the company in 2006 as a Software Engineer, later taking on the role of director …

Computaris insights resources

Bogdan Danila

Bogdan Danila is responsible for the consultancy and system integration Business Unit of R Systems. He started his …

Adrian Chitu, Computaris Chief Financial Officer

Adrian Chitu

Adrian Chitu is responsible for the financial operations of the European branch of R Systems. He joined us …

Elena Timofte, Computaris CSS Business Unit Director

Elena Timofte

Elena Timofte is the Director of the customized software services Business Unit in the R Systems Europe branch. …

Computaris insights resources

Dariusz Górczyński

Dariusz Górczyński is responsible for the Polish Business Unit serving R Systems’ customers in Poland and other international …

Cristiana Iavorschi, Computaris Romania General Manager

Cristiana Iavorschi

With more than 13 years experience in R Systems, Cristiana started her career in telecom. She joined the …

Computaris insights resources
Case studies

System integration: Replacing legacy PCRF solution with the MediationZone platform

Customer profile The customer is a tier 1 Central European mobile operator that offers voice services (voice calls, …

Computaris insights resources
Case studies

R Systems develops PCRF solution for global mobile broadband specialist

Customer profile Our customer, a global mobile broadband specialist, deployed their 3GPP compliant policy and charging rules function …

Computaris insights resources

The easy way to scale up telecom deployments in just 20 minutes

It has never been easier and safer to scale up a deployment. The virtualisation of the hardware in the cloud and all the software tools needed for rapidly deploying software on new virtual machines help in making a big step forward.
We deal with some 30 million subscribers and 20 partners, the application may be deployed in more than 40 instances, for which manual update is out of the question nowadays.

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