4 reasons why Process Mining counts

The rush for automation has led many companies towards applying it to as many processes as possible, as fast as possible. Good processes enable the organization to scale and become more efficient. This leads to the temptation of automating an existing process right away, without fully mapping it first.

By “process mining” many understand data mining or information extraction. Process mining represents a different approach. Instead of focusing on the data, process mining focuses on the process.

A significant proportion of a process’ delays, bottlenecks and variations are invisible to conventional analytical methods. Process mining is the analytical method used to constantly improve business processes. It enables business owners to drill down the root causes of any problems by closely analyzing every task, every variation or bottleneck.

Here’s a list of 4 benefits of process mining for you to understand why this should be an essential component of your automation journey.

1. Reducing costs

By constantly applying the “Measure-Know-Act” flow companies can constantly optimize. Process mining means discovering the main cause of a problem early and eliminating it, through automation. All in real time and with minimal human effort. 

2. Fast shift when new data is available

Process mining uses software to monitor business processes 
in a continuous manner, similar to how machines monitor manufacturing processes. This helps companies reduce the time and human effort spent on extracting and analyzing data about the business and also reduces decision making time.

3. Full transparency with easy-to-understand dashboards 

It takes a lot of time for business users to review reports, 
spot anomalies and make decisions. Analysts usually need to sift through complex reports generated by traditional business intelligence tools. In automation, dashboards present easy-to-understand information for fast reporting to business stakeholders, with complete sets of data and full transparency.

4. Complete audit trails and reporting

Process mining technology allows you to identify the right data and to better understand this data. Innovative audit procedures are facilitated by the availability of digital data. Process mining can be used as data analysis technique to support auditors in this context. Process mining algorithms deliver process models following an in-depth analysis of the recorded event logs.

Watch this short video to see how process mining and intelligent automation can help you increase efficiency across your business:

If you are interested in learning
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