We planted a small urban forest in Romania for Tree Planting Day 2022!

Worldwide, 1.6 billion people rely on forest for their livelihoods; forests also account for the natural habitats of 80% of terrestrial animals and are crucial to maintaining air quality. And yet, every 1.2 seconds, humans destroy an area of forest the size of a football field, affecting biodiversity and contributing to climate change.

Tree planting is one of the most important ways that we can counter the negative effects of deforestation, and one of the CSR activities that’s closest to our hearts, which is why we always look for environmental initiatives to support. This March, we partnered with the Children’s Forest Association, a Romanian NGO that aims to build forest in 100 communities in the South Muntenia region by 2035.

On Saturday, March 19, we met in Urziceni, Ialomita County for our first tree planting initiative of the year, equipped with shovels, garden gloves, and enthusiasm. Our colleagues also encouraged their friends and family to come along and, at the end of the day, we planted 2,000 saplings from 29 different species together with all the other volunteers – the equivalent of a small urban forest.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who rose to the challenged and joined us despite the cold weather – and a special thanks to those who brought along their children and set a great example of eco-responsibility. Your efforts will have a positive impact on future generations, and we can’t wait to see our small saplings grow into big trees!

About the Children’s Forest

The Children’s Forest is a Romanian NGO that aims to build 100 forests in 100 communities in the South Muntenia region by 2035. So far, the organization has managed to restore, through afforestation, over 102 hectares of unproductive land. The initiatives are privately funded and in 30 hectares of afforested land the trees have already reached 3 meters. To turn unproductive land into forests, the NGO works for at least 7 years with the local community and forestry experts, ensuring surveillance and maintenance.

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