Automated testing webinar: Innovate-Test-Release

On October 28, 2020, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM BST, we invite you to attend “Innovate – Test – Release, Fast”, a new webinar exploring – from a business and technical perspective – the challenges and solutions for effective automated testing.

Automate dtesting webinar - R Systems  SwisscomHow to gain competitive advantage by being able to innovate, test, and release products in the market quickly with virtually zero faults? How to make the right choice of test automation solutions from the complex landscape of apps available on the market? Organized by R Systems and our long-time partners Swisscom, the webinar will offer valuable insights on:
  • continuous innovations, near-zero faults, quick product release and market success, based on Swisscom hands-on experience;
  • how to reduce costs & deployment timelines by choosing the right test automation solution;
  • how to assess the USPs & limitations of test automation platforms;
  • test implementation with virtual zero-touch, with end-to-end templates;
  • design/UI-UX & flexibility.
Our speakers – Octavian Dobrin (Solution Architect at R Systems), Cristian Demetrescu (Telecom Architect at R Systems ), Matthias Greiner (DevOps Engineer at Swisscom) – will discuss and demonstrate hands-on use cases of the applicability of test automation across multiple industries with a focus on business and technical aspects like: user experience and virtual zero-touch testing, popular industry solutions vs. R Systems’ test automation suite, virtual zero fault and end-to-end test automation, scenario-based custom automated testing solutions.
How to register?
Registration is free and available here.

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