Cloud migration of legacy cost control system

Business case

Tier-1 operator in Eastern Europe was using a legacy cost control system developed over a decade ago. The hardware and software were no long in support and there was no internal system knowledge available anymore. This situation raised significant scalability and performance issues, as well as high maintenance costs.

R Systems solution

R Systems supported the operator’s efforts in the cloud migration project by developing a cloud-ready solution deployable on any cloud.

R Systems reimplemented the system logic on modern technology, deployed the solution on Amazon WebServices (AWS) – the public cloud preferred by the client -, and took over the full support services for the system.

The technologies used included: Docker and Docker Swarm, microservices (implementing the same WSDL as the legacy application), Elasticsearch as “main database” (Logstash and Filebeat for all off-line data import (from CSV files)), ELK Stack (for centralized logging and monitoring), Angular 4 (for the web graphical user interface). 

Client benefits

  • Horizontal scalability, service independence, easy & on-the-fly software updating
  • Compliance with the client’s strict security policies
  • No impact on the functioning of existing applications which used the legacy system

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