Telco software vendor outsources complex IT services to R Systems

Customer profile

The customer is a global leader in software solutions for mobile network operators for more than 20 years. The company’s success and growth root in two areas of technology: network near solutions and mobile device management.

Business challenge

The software vendor was looking for a company that could assure a competitive Service Level Agreement (SLA) for a global IT support contract for all its IT Infrastructures, internal needs and hosting solution, covering a complex configuration between hardware and virtualization.

R Systems contribution

R Systems consolidated a team of experts with varied skills, including network and firewall deep knowledge, to cover the mixt configuration between hardware and virtualization, with various operating systems based on LINUX/UNIX/WINDOWS environment.

The team needed to cover all areas of interest and give support to internal and external users and to the vendor’s end-customers, for the following services: communication (email, communicator, IP telephony, global working point access); hosting (virtualization and hardware for the clients); development tools (for continuous building and packaging); dedicated environment for SPARC compilation; VPN site to site/client to site; support service environment (dedicated platform for client support, debugging and testing); other dedicated tools (eg: devices for mobile communication, monitoring, inventorying, etc.); 150+ servers installed in 3 data centers that cover several office location across the world (Europa, Africa and Asia).

The responsibilities of the R Systems team expanded to: upgrade and patch the old systems; deployment of virtualization; high availability assurance for the hosting services (client production environment); services migration in the cloud to assure a high SLA for the critical services; network optimization for traffic flow; availability increase of the critical systems using monitoring tools and alerting services.


By outsourcing the IT managed services contract to R Systems, the software vendor got access to a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers to cover all operational needs and requests in a timely and professional manner.

The customer was released of the burden of covering such broad areas of expertise with internal resources, thus avoiding additional costs with internal trainings or new employment programs.

For the complete case study in .pdf format, please click here.

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