R Systems building own specialized teams in IoT/M2M technologies

R Systems has taken steps in building own specialized teams in IoT/M2M technologies through Telit’s training and certification program.

The program explored the fundamentals of IoT/M2M, use cases for IoT solutions, connectivity standards and protocols, IoT security, gateways, triggers, and the Telit Workbench, while offering an in-depth view of the Telit deviceWISE Management Portal.

Throughout the training, R Systems specialists have experienced different sensor types, the Telit Management Portal and how it integrates with back-end systems, coming to master the critical tasks involved in launching, integrating and maintaining an enterprise IoT solution.

About Telit

Telit is a global player in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, providing a broad range of integrated products, platforms and services to support and enable IoT deployments from things to apps. Telit’s portfolio of modules addresses all cellular communication technologies, GNSS and short-to-long range wireless applications, while connectivity plans and IoT platform services facilitate the deployment and provision of IoT services across industries and vertical markets worldwide.

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