Infographic: Poland from fast emerging to leading software outsourcing provider

Since 1995 the Polish outsourcing industry has grown to be one of the world’s elite outsourcing destinations, specifically the second most attractive location for IT outsourcing service providers worldwide.

Having our first expertise and software development center opened in Warszawa in 1997 and a second technical hub in Bialystok in 2010, R Systems has directly experienced this evolution and has grown with the market.
Our latest infographic compiles highlights of the software outsourcing industry from back into the 2000’s to the experts’ forecasts for 2020, with regard to the:

  • Growing economy in healthy condition
  • Highly-skilled, multilingual workforce, with an extensive pool of IT graduates and lower labor costs as compared to US and Western Europe
  • Dynamically growing IT market and quality technology infrastructure
  • Proximity with major European financial centers and similar cultural and work ethics with Western countries

Poland software outsourcing provider

Poland IT Software and Service Market Forecast and Assessment, 2014 – 2020” by Future Market Insights (FMI)
IT Market Scenario for Poland — Trends & Forecast: 2015–2020” by Market Research Engine
Poland 2025: Europe’s new growth engine” by McKinsey & Company (2015)

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