R Systems developing a push-to-talk mobile app for rugged devices

R Systems is developing a push-to-talk mobile application for SafeMobile, US-based provider of data and communication management solutions.

The mobile communication solution is designed to turn smartphones into professional radio communication devices, while preserving the standard two-way features. The solution operates on rugged, purpose-built devices using broadband and WiFi networks and includes features like push-to-talk calls, messaging, data service, worker safety features and GPS location tracking over IP. In addition, it offers all the functions of a professional traditional radio, as well as dashboards for fleet monitoring and management through a live GPS and PTT dispatch interface.

R Systems mobile app developers have been involved from the early stages of the application development through to the current improvements of transferring voice data to the Mumble protocol in order to reduce internet data usage per device.

The solution has applicability and is already in use across the globe by companies from various industries relying on instant radio-style communication between team members relaying messages over the speaker of another’s handset.

About SafeMobile
SafeMobile provides asset management solutions and services to agencies, governments, commercial fleets and business all over the world. SafeMobile was established in 2001 in the USA and now has 5 offices in North America, 14 offices in the EMEA region and up to 500 dealers worldwide.

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