R Systems hosts The Bucharest Agile Software Meetup Group

May 11, 2016. Bucharest. R Systems will host The Bucharest Agile Software Meetup Group, where Lucia Stoicescu, R Systems Project Manager and Scrum Master, will deliver a presentation on “How we support Agile teams in estimates”.

Lucia’s presentation is based on her experience with agile practices in the development of custom software solutions for niche domains like telco. As technology changes come along with equally rapid changes in telecom infrastructure, development teams are required to meet aggressive timelines, while producing higher quality software more productively. Integrating customer feedback early in the process through demos and presentations and adapting to changing requirements have become a must in the development process.

In this context, development teams rarely build the same feature twice so in order to provide estimates developers must use comparisons with potentially similar features or use expert judgement.

The presentation will touch on all these topics, as well as share best practices, tips and tricks for building estimates using the Agile methodology.

Lucia Stoicescu’s presentation is scheduled between 19:10-19:40, during the Agile Talks #15 to be held at the R Systems headquarters on Str. Gheorghe Manu 5, sector 1, Bucharest. To view the complete agenda and join the meetup, please click here.

About The Bucharest Agile Software Meetup Group

The Group facilitates the meeting and exchange of experience and best practices between Bucharest developers interested in Agile methods and development processes such as scrum, extreme programming, feature driven development and test driven development.

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