How IT organizations shift from a cost-centric to a care-centric approach

A recent whitepaper prepared by our R Systems group colleagues explores the paradigmatic shift from cost-centric to care-centric organizations in the IT industry today, discussing how this can transform the way organizations engage with diverse stakeholder groups and ultimately help global customers flourish and stay competitive.

While the entire caring ecosystem rotates around three fundamental elements – innovation, growth and transformation – deploying a caring culture is best done across distinct areas of people, processes and technologies.

As far as customers are concerned, studies show that they no longer impressed with attractive pricing or lofty sales pitches but rather seek partners who can walk the extra mile and help meet their needs in diverse technology, function and industry domains and have the ability to ward off pressure.

From the early 2000’s onwards the customers’ expectations have changed from: Can they do this job at lower costs? through Do they have specialized technology skills? Do they have domain expertise? to Are they ready to walk the extra mile? Are they caring?

Deploying a caring culture in engineering services can help us achieve a model which can be best termed as “value engineering”. Value engineering is a holistic engineering framework that enhances engineering output and gears it to provide lasting customer value.

More about value engineering in IT services and how it helps players stand out in the crowd, in the full whitepaper available here.


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