R Systems participated with two speakers at DevTalks 2015

Bucharest, June 11, 2015. R Systems participated with two speakers at DevTalks 2015, the second edition of the leading IT conference organized by hipo.ro at Romexpo, in Bucharest.

R Systems was represented by System Architects Laurentiu Nedelcu and Valentin Raduti, each delivering presentations in different sections of the event: Mobile Imperative & Internet of Things, respectively Big Data.

Laurentiu’s presentation “GSM. Security.” brought into focus the security breaches existing in mobile networks and the vulnerabilities of the SS7 network undermining the privacy of billions of cellular customers in the world. The presentation also discussed how R Systems can help operators tackle these types of attacks, the strategies applied to protect the privacy, possible solutions and yet open points.

In his presentation “Directory Structure – The Heart for Subscriber Data Management Applications”, Valentin discussed about a solid and wide-spread data management model for network operator subscriber repositories, using a Network Directory Service paradigm. He also detailed the need for a specialized big data approach, as well as the features required for a long term, scalable solution.

About DevTalks 2015

DevTalks 2015, the second edition of the leading IT conference DevTalks organized by HiPO.ro, took place in Cluj Napoca on May 13, 2015 and in Bucharest on June 11, 2015. The event gathered community leaders, innovations and fun, the ingredients to explore the trends that will shape Mobile, Web, Big Data, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.

DevTalks 2015 Bucharest in numbers: 416 developers, 44 international and local speakers, 40 presentations, 4 event stages, 4 main topics: The Future Web, Mobile imperative & Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data.

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