Why operators need strategic mediation platforms

Mediation systems have come a long way since the first simple batch files procedures. The need to solve common integration problems (variety of interfaces, data formats, number of systems, complex data transformation compatible to dynamic business logic) inspired leading mediation suppliers to transform their products into complex platforms supporting real-time data exchange. Mediation platforms of today offer flexibility, manageability, and performance.

A strategic mediation platform can enable telecom companies to expertly cope with usual integration challenges in an efficient way. It mitigates risk and enables adjustments at a lower overall cost. It helps companies achieve an acceptable time to market, which, in turn, opens the road for innovation and creates new revenue streams.  Powerful integration platforms facilitate the creation of new services, which, in turn, ease the modern concept of BSS offload.

Integrated access to vital information flows opens new opportunities to exploit new monetary data value for Business Intelligence, CEM or service quality assurance, and network monitoring. This goes hand in hand with increased service usage and increases customer loyalty – the support of company advantage in nowadays’ extremely competitive market.

Advancing interfaces and data exchange protocols standardization, IT architecture transformation projects execution, hardware-dependent solutions withdrawal as well as the launching of strict transition management control procedures assisted operators to dispatch the pain of managing their over-grown structures and have become the norm.

Adjusting the existing systems can be time-consuming and expensive due supplier contribution requirements and their release cycles pressure. As an effect, companies often choose to implement an additional, dedicated system to control new functionalities and restrain the impact on currently deployed flows and interfaces.

Integration aims to empower the cooperation between many elements, resulting in functions support. In practice, this translates in physical implementation of data flows within interfaces, in connection with a variety of systems. The need is to create a business logic that collects data from source systems, transforms it, reinforces it, and sends it to the appropriate destination. This is defined in just one word: mediation.

Download the “System integration in telecommunications via a strategic mediation platform” whitepaper, written in collaboration with our strategic partner DigitalRoute, to learn more from our hands-on experience in dozens of successful integration projects, performed with telecom operators all over the world.

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