R Systems Polska supporting the fight against Covid-19

In the face of the current pandemic we believe that it is also our responsibility as an organisation to help and contribute to the best of our capabilities where needed.

R Systems Europe offices have taken a number of initiatives in supporting local charitable foundations, people in need or even companies or institutes involved directly in fighting the disease or its effects. The latter is the case in Poland where R Systems Europe Polska has contributed with donations to the cause of the biotechnology company, Warsaw Genomics. Due to the generous aid of companies and institutions, the Warsaw Genomics laboratories are now able to carry out 3000 tests for SARS-CoV-2 in one day. This is a significant achievement in ensuring free diagnostic tests for the Polish population and therefore efficiently fighting the spread of the disease. We are also happy to make our contribution and have a positive impact on local communities as well as the larger population across the world.

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