Lockdown journal: 40 days (and counting) of work-from-home

Heroes do not always wear capes or uniforms. Sometimes, they are wearing pajamas or home clothes and they are acrobats on a rope trying to joggle work, parenting, cooking, housekeeping, and everything else on the plate. 

Our Computarians have been heroes for the last 40 work-from-home (WHO) days, since R Systems Europe adopted the WHO policy across offices, strictly respecting the laws and fighting for their, as well as the other people’s, well-being. Lockdown has been a challenge but now we are slowly preparing to press the „PLAY” button again after 2 months. While we are eager to go out again, we believe a first „inside” step is welcome to reflect on the gains, the lessons learnt and the hopes of the past weeks.

We dared our Computarians across all offices to join a #ReflectionChallenge and share some of their insights from isolation. We ran a quick survey looking to find out: #1 How many recipes did you learn during this period? 

Being isolated, especially during Easter, was no piece of cake. While some of us (still) received packs with food from the parents, others engaged in little culinary experiments totaling over 170 new recipes learnt. Level 1 of chef training – unlocked!

The second question in the Reflection Challenge was “What have you learnt new during the lock-down?”. Answers varied from deep introspection to humor but together they make a comprehensive board of experiences: learning new sports or languages, making new inventions or simply keeping the same routine along with small children.

computaris reflection challenge - what we learnt during lockdown Question #3: “Where would you go first after the lockdown is over?” While planning for the future and (hopefully) brighter days ahead, our colleagues also shared some of the places where they wish to go first after restrictions are dropped. Apparently most of us feel the need to reconnect with family, friends and nature but a ride to the office or the hair dresser is an option for many. computaris reflection challenge - first visits after lockdown The journal of the 40 work-from-home days revealed our common joys and struggles but mainly showed that heroes usually fight with simple but effective weapons of everyday life. We thank our heroes for hanging on and doing an amazing job at work in the same time!

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