Your same technology innovation partner, now rebranded as R Systems

With a successful track record of almost 30 years in the telecom and technology industry, R Systems Computaris is proud to announce the rebranding as R Systems, a significant milestone in our development and evolution as a global digital transformation partner.

Computaris, member of the R Systems Group, has been a trusted partner of telecom operators and ISVs globally, empowering innovation through technology expertise and solid delivery. We have successfully delivered over 1000 complex, high-stake projects to more than 100 operators worldwide, supporting them throughout the 2G to 5G evolution.

As we progress into the digital transformation era, we continue to partner with our clients across industries to accelerate digital business strategy and to unlock the full opportunities of digital innovation.


The rebranding under the R Systems name is an important milestone in our evolution as a full-fledged digital transformation partner for our clients. We carry over the same commitment to top industry expertise and high-quality delivery, while we enhance our approach and technology capabilities to provide a comprehensive experience and to transform business outcomes for our customers.


This is a group initiative where all group companies across continents (including the former ECnet and Ibiz Consulting) are merged into the global R Systems brand for a unified and consistent market positioning, while facilitating the clients’ access to new capabilities and resources within the group. A team of over 2,700 experts globally, 25 offices worldwide and 16 delivery centers, extended areas of business into banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, digital media, manufacturing, retail, public sector etc., as well as extended technical areas on top of cloud computing, software engineering and telecom offering into data analytics, robotic process automation, intelligent automation, ML/AI.

What changes? What stays the same?

Computaris is now officially named R Systems. The change will be reflected in the use of the R Systems brand name and logo, on our website and email domain as, our social media channels (gradually renamed or consolidated under the R Systems accounts) and all other digital or physical corporate materials.

We stay the same in our people centricity, location independence and resilient delivery, also quoted by Gartner as this year’s top technology strategic trends. Going forward we remain true to our values and commitment for expertise, responsibility and solid delivery, also shared at group level. We remain the same team (only larger when needed) from top management to project experts. We remain dedicated to our existing customers and projects, while expanding our portfolios. We preserve the same focus on growing and developing internal experts and teams, while onboarding specialists in new areas to support our growth.

Looking forward

In partnership with our customers and employees, we believe the rebranding is a fresh opportunity to step up our game in all areas of business, from marketing and communication, sales process, customer experience, processes and methodology, project delivery, to new technology areas and market verticals.

We have embarked on an exciting journey and we’re looking forward to each step that bring us closer to our vision: to become the digital transformation partner of choice for global organisations looking to innovate and expand their business through the latest technology.


For more information regarding the rebranding process, please contact us at:

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