Speaking at Java Users Group in Poland

In the telco industry, apart from typical programming problems, developers face additional challenges related to five-nine availability and high-volume processing of tens of thousands of transactions per second. If you want to learn how to implement an LDAP server that will cope with this task, we invite you to the next Java Users Group meeting, organized in Poland (and in Polish!)

Java Users Group Poland

Telecommunication has a lot in common with the web application domain in terms of technology stack: Java, NoSQL DBs, application servers, source code management, CI / CC process and so on. Differences are really small, but very crucial in the context of software quality and performance.

Imagine that just to read above few lines of text on your cell phone, while being in the range of LTE or 5G, there are tens of protocols working together to satisfy your curiosity. Sadly, it works the same for Instagram… And yes, all the data traffic it is IP based, and in 90% of the cases, HTTP is not used for this purpose.

If you are interested in where your user profile resides in the operator’s databases, be sure to join the presentation of our System Architect Tomasz Łazarecki! On March 23, 2021, starting at 20:00 CET on YouTube, we will discuss what open-source java based software has to offer to telco operators in the context of subscriber databases.

Curious to know more about our speaker?
Tomasz Łazarecki is a great lover of nature, the kingdom of plants and animals! Occasionally (usually from 8 to 16) he is a System Architect at R Systems.
Believe it or not, as an engineer, he’s very fond of reading Java and telco related specs. He worked both in the domain of web applications and telecommunications and currently, he focuses on the implementation of Java-based open-source Directory Service software for telecommunications operators. But better yet, e-meet him at the Java Users Group and learn more.

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