R Systems rebrands to express its commitment to quality

R Systems International has revealed a new brand identity which reflects both the rich heritage and evolution of our company, while re-enforcing our commitment to quality and unique proposition to customers.

Since the company’s foundation in 1992, we have successfully delivered more than 1,000 projects to over 80 companies on all continents. We now have nine offices worldwide and take pride in our long-term partnerships with top industry software vendors and telecom operators. We also employ some of the most skilled engineers and developers in the telecom software sector, and provide other industries with similar services.

Our rebranding, developed with the help of branding agency Storience, represents our commitment to continuous evolution. The new logo plays on the infinite symbol to illustrate the company’s belief that there is no limit to technical quality and to transforming ideas into technology. Software code motifs complement the logo in a nod to R Systems’ technical excellence.

While the logo has changed to better represent what the company is today, our value proposition remains the same – a rare combination of technical and domain expertise, flexibility and total customer commitment.

Raluca Rusu, Chief Executive Officer of R Systems, commented: “R Systems has found that hard-to-reach sweet spot which combines expert skills, reliable speed and outstanding quality. The new brand illustrates all the qualities our customers and partners appreciate, and sets the ground for continuous evolution.”

Adriana Liute, Managing Partner at Storience, noted: ”Some brands manage to look great, while missing on promise delivery. R Systems was at the other end of the spectrum. Their service quality is at same level and in some aspects better to that of their world-famous competitors, but their image lagged behind. Now, thanks to the new brand identity, R Systems speaks and looks more like its services: tidy, consistent and with attention to detail.”

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