R Systems test tool successfully used in automated testing for 5G migration

R Systems test tool – TOP Testing Suite (TTS) – has been successfully used in automated testing for US telecom operator migrating its products to 5G network and cloud technology.
Migration to cloud, virtualization and 5G are major network changes where extensive testing is mandatory to ensure that product performance is not affected.
In the project R Systems has delivered automated testing services using its own testing solution which covers a wide range of telecom protocols, including SIP, Diameter and SS7.
Bare metal and cloud versions of all products deployed in the operator ecosystem, as well as core network applications (HLR, HSS, EIR, PCRF, Voice Mail, GMLC) have been tested, diagnosed and validated using TTS for automation testing.
The complex project has been delivered successfully by the R Systems team helping the client to achieve 40% reduction of deployment costs as compared to manual testing and a short time to market through fast, efficient and reliable validation of product changes.
The successful delivery reinforces the tools capabilities and our team’s expertise in migration to 5G network and cloud technologies.

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