Testing tool: Performing quick and effective regression tests

Customer profile

The customer is the American subsidiary of a leading tier 1 mobile network operator (MNO) that operates GSM, UMTS and LTE-based cellular networks in Europe, Canada and US.

Business challenge

The customer was performing a series of regression tests that needed to be quickly and efficiently executed. While performing regression tests in the provisioning system (which was using web services to provision data and partners), data needed to be efficiently provisioned in the system prior to test. All flows had to be rapidly triggered while performing regression tests in the PCRF and the data metering systems.

R Systems contribution and solution

For the regression tests in the provisioning system, R Systems used a JMeter LDAP sampler to provision the database data. For the PCRF regression tests, the R Systems TOP Testing Suite Diameter sampler was used as an entry point into the system and the JMeter Soap Sampler was used to trigger notifications from the provisioning system into PCRF system in order to cover all the business flows. For the data metering regression tests, the TOP Testing Suite Diameter sampler was also used as the entry point and the JMeter LDAP sampler was used to verify that all data are provisioned correctly into the system. R Systems TOP Testing Suite increased the effectiveness of the operator’s testing activities – every time the systems are upgraded or modified, the existing flows are automatically tested, significantly reducing the time allocated to testing activities.

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