R Systems was assigned the development of a mobile number portability platform

R Systems has been recently assigned a new project in Austria – the development and installation of a Mobile Number Portability (MNP) platform for an upcoming Austrian MVNO.

R Systems was selected as supplier for this project due to its expertise in the domain, as we have previously supported operators worldwide to cover all MNP related aspects, from defining the business process of migrating a number from one operator to another, through to defining the service delivery logic, which must comply with the number portability rules, including signaling and real-time charging or off-line business processes such as billing, wholesale, etc.

The MNP platform developed for the Austrian MVNO will comply with the Austrian regulations on MNP processes between MNO operators. Since there is no central database for ported numbers, the MNP platform will be in charge with the communication with each Austrian MNO to exchange the ported numbers information and provision internal MVNO systems. The MNP platform will provide also GUIs for both POS agents and help desk personnel to manage the porting processes.

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