Most operators in America, Europe and APAC have implemented mobile number portability (MNP) as part of their regulatory compliance. Therefore, some of them may not consider this a hot topic. However, interest has revived nowadays as number portability systems must cope with the operators’ newer architectures, protocols and processes.

We have supported operators to cover all aspects of number portability such as:

  • number migration from one operator to another, including the interaction with the central clearing house or central number portability database
  • service delivery logic, which must comply with the number portability rules, including signaling and real-time charging
  • off-line business processes, such as billing and wholesale

Having previously developed solutions for all these areas, our team is well positioned to take on MNP projects E2E and ensure a successful migration.

Selected success stories

  • We implemented a MNP solution and mobile number selection for an Asian mobile operator, covering number porting, number management and off-line CDR processing.
  • We customized the MVNO solution delivered to Asian MVNO XOX to comply with the MNP requirements from Malaysia (port-in and port-out flows) using the host network operator as gateway towards the national MNP database.
  • We customized a prepaid MNP procedure for an Eastern European operator, aiming to keep the prepaid credit when porting between the MVNO and the host network operator.


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