OpenCloud solution is the world leading converged carrier-grade Telecom Application Server (TAS) for cost-effective, agile delivery of Java-based telecommunication services. Rhino Telecoms Application Server complies with both Java telecom application server standards – JAIN SLEE (JSLEE) and SIP Servlet. The Rhino TAS is the foundation product in the OpenCloud Rhino suite.
We’ve been using JAIN/SLEE technology since early 2008 and we’ve selected OpenCloud Rhino as the ground basis for our skills development since the beginning. We have an excellent knowledge of NGIN architectures and a broad experience in designing, creating and implementing services on top of Rhino JAIN SLEE platform. We have created an experienced team of JAIN/SLEE experts from Software Testers to Solution Architects. Most of the JAIN/SLEE services we delivered were developed by R Systems from scratch and deployed in production.

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