Product development: Device management solution serving 80+ million subscribers

Customer profile

Our customer is one of the pioneering innovators in prepaid technology, having delivered customized mobile software solutions covering prepaid charging, device management, collect call services, USSD services, etc.

Business challenge

Their existing device management product, installed at 50+ operators worldwide, had reached the end of life cycle after 5 years. As the market evolved and technology advanced, our customer decided to invest in a completely new device management product. The enhanced product brought new features like handset remote control and advanced BI reports for operations and phones fleet.

R Systems contribution and solution

R Systems developed the new version of the product in a multi supplier setup with multiple major releases within a 2-year timeline. We assigned an expert team of engineers that reached 25 people in peaks and delivered thousands of man days of development. The product was deployed gradually to operators worldwide and R Systems provided system integration, UAT, post delivery and production third level 24h support. The customer was able to launch the new version of the device management solution in less than 1 year after project kick off.

Solution performance

  • Managing 50% more subscribers than the previous solution
  • Increased flexibility for integration with the operator’s systems
  • 80 million subscribers served in the largest deployment
  • 20+ live installations at operators worldwide

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