Service development: EU 2014 roaming solution

Customer profile

The customer is a fast growing Eastern European mobile operator.

Business challenge

Our customer was looking for a cost effective solution that would enable compliance with the new EU roaming regulations coming into force on the 1st of July 2014. The regulations mandate that all operators allow their subscribers to purchase roaming services from alternative roaming providers (ARPs) distinctively from their domestic provider, while keeping their SIM and mobile number.

R Systems contribution and solution

R Systems developed on top of the MediationZone platform the following solutions and services:

  • GPRS Limiter: custom solution designed from scratch to regulate the data traffic of post-paid subscribers while roaming in order to prevent bill shock at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Data sharing: new plan that allows mobile data bundles to be shared among two or more devices; subscribers can create groups where one user is marked as master and the others as members.
  • Implementation of VoLTE on the MediationZone platform and integration into the operator’s environment (firstly as a PoC and later as regular project).
  • Implementation of EU 2014 roaming regulations: solution developed on the same technology used to create roaming services: IN/NGIN platform, IMS application servers, SMSR, HLR/HSS functionality at operators worldwide. The underlying technology is based on open standards, offering expansion possibilities beyond EU Roaming 3 regulation.

The used application server has been deployed in tens of operators worldwide, supporting thousands of transactions per second, in a carrier grade, redundant mode.

With the help of the R Systems EU Roaming solution, the mobile operator now has a platform that provides significant benefits:

  • Flexibility in design due to the open platform concept
  • Capability to adapt to changing requirements and upgrades of the edge network elements
  • Short time to deployment, capability to quickly test and correct errors
  • Future proof architecture, allowing additional services
  • Cost efficiency

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