Product development: Custom voucher management solution for telecom

Customer profile

Innovative Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) company, which has developed a number of patented technologies and enables new business models in the mobile industry. The MVNE engaged R Systems to deliver a voucher management solution as part of a full IN prepaid solution implementation project.

The customer was looking for a flexible voucher management solution that would support the creation, management and transfer of all voucher information in a highly secure manner.

R Systems solution and customer benefits

R Systems delivered a high performance telecom voucher management solution that covered all the necessary operations within the voucher lifecycle, its functionalities including among others:

  • Generation of voucher batches
  • Export file for printing factory generation
  • File import confirmation
  • Activation/deactivation/blocking of batches and bundles
  • External Diameter based interface for recharge operation
  • EJB interface for communication with other modules of the IN prepaid platform
  • Support for scratch cards (vouchers) and electronic top-up tickets (virtual vouchers)
  • Multi-currency support (currency defined on batch level)
  • Support for multi-MVNO architecture (batches are restricted for usage with single MVNO).

Furthermore, R Systems VMS solution supported all interaction with voucher vendors, printing houses as well as other applications such as the ERP and the CRM that contain valuable voucher information, being accessible through multiple integration systems, including existing prepaid systems.

R Systems successfully delivered the required solution while complying with the very tight deadline of the project: 18 weeks from project start, requirements gathering, specification, implementation, testing, integration through to user acceptance testing for the complete IN prepaid solution implementation.

For the complete case study in .pdf format, please click here.

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