Digital Modernization. Migrating Legacy Apps to AWS Cloud

A US-Based PERSONAL FINANCE SOLUTIONS LEADER Improved Security & Reduced Operational Costs Using a Scalable AWS Cloud-Based App

Client Overview

The client is a US-based personal finance solution provider, helping their customers to plan, invest, navigate their financial goals through financial decisions. On their online platform they provide simple and ethical solutions to assist customers to partake in the benefits of financial planning.
They strive to deliver a steadfast & highly responsive experience to their customers.


Due to legacy-based infrastructure and apps, the client couldn’t resolve the financial queries of the customers within the provided timeline and service-level agreement.
There was a need for modernization of their active directory & MS Exchange-based authorization, authentication, and communication architecture for real-time communication and team collaboration.
They needed to identify the incompatibilities & re-architect their financial apps to run on Windows-based EC2 workloads in AWS and be securely accessible from other locations as well.

Our solution

We delivered cloud-based solution using various AWS services e.g., EC2, AWS managed Microsoft AD, Workspaces, and Inspector, etc. to securely connect every employee and end-user with application during off-hours as well.
R Systems was engaged to migrate on-prem applications to AWS which specifically required identifying incompatibilities & re-architecting few of those applications as per FSI compliance.


Deployment Highlights


  • Re-architected legacy applications to run on AWS
  • Integrated on premises Active Directory to AWS by using AWS managed Microsoft AD service
  • Migrated on premises exchanged based email solution to Office365 with MS Teams for better collaboration among employees
  • Secured Office365 applications from corporate office & AWS network only
  • Utilized AWS Workspace service based on WIN 10, to access internal apps securely from outside the office
  • Configured .NET applications on MS Windows EC2 instances in Multi-AZ environment
  • Used Relational Database Service (RDS) MS-SQL server in Multi-AZ config for scalable DB operations
  • Leveraged Autoscaling groups to reduce operational complexity of running and managing apps
  • Configured required services, such as IAM, Application Load Balancer, WorkDocs, Route 53, SNS, etc.
  • Implemented SSO for accessing Office365 apps from on premise systems

Project Outcomes & Success Metrics


  • Integrated on-prem active directory & exchanged based workload to Amazon cloud & Office365
  • Provided virtual desktops using AWS workspaces
  • Ensured secure content creation, storage and collaboration using Workdocs
  • Provided high availability systems with negligible downtimes
  • Utilized Autoscaling to handle traffic
  • Used Multi-AZ architecture, automated backups as disaster recovery feature
  • Leveraged CloudTrail to simplify audit process
  • Secured solution using IAM, Inspector, EBS volume encryption, etc.
  • Enhanced accountability of providers & individuals
  • Reduced complexity of business processes

To download the complete case study click here.

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