Cloudification & Migration On-Premises App to AWS Cloud

Proctor Finance reduced TCO almost 20% by moving workloads to AWS Cloud

Client Overview

Proctor Financial, Inc. is a leading provider of lender-placed hazard & flood insurance including hazard tracking services to the mortgage servicing community. Since the 1970s, Proctor has blended comprehensive insurance programs with innovative tracking & reporting services to meet the specific servicing requirements of mortgage servicers, community banks, credit unions, sub-servicers, distressed asset investors and the U.S. Government.


The legacy system became a problem for the limited users who oversaw the hardware, software support and the costly maintenance of all the applications. The implementation of an effective solution started with taking care of:

  • Information flow
  • Data markets
  • Restructuring for the new digital realities with modern technologies
  • Opportunities
  • Steps for the business transformation of Proctor Finance Inc. for an exceptional experience to the end-users

Our Solution

R Systems leveraged its global delivery model to provide the required services for this project. The engagement roadmap was planned with due consideration to client’s objectives. Our team focused on providing rich Quality of Service (QoS) & Quality of Experience (QoE) to the client through innovative efforts and by adopting standard industry best practices. Agile Scrum methodology was adopted to expedite the application development, migration, and faster time-to-market.

The migration of the entire database was done using DMS (Database Migration Service) which managed the entire migration process via AWS Console. The migration type used was “Migrate Existing Data” and once that was done, it replicated the data changes (CDC). It was a homogenous database migration which identified all the risks during the Pre-migration assistance.

Project Outcomes & Success Metrics


  • Successfully migrated on-prem legacy system and more than 250 VMs to Amazon cloud
  • Improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction
  • Services are adaptable for use in multiple contexts
  • Increased flexibility, scalability, and cost-optimization
  • Easier to build and maintain application
  • Enabled quick identification and resolution of the root cause of poor application performance

Click here to download and read the full case study.

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