How to nail your online interviews (at R Systems)

Taking the next step in your career and applying for a new job is always a process that requires a lot of thinking and a good analysis of all the PROs and CONs. This might get even trickier nowadays when you factor in the current worldwide situation.

Is this the right moment for a career change? How can I know if this company is right for me based only on online interaction? Is hiring truly done 100% online?  And how will they assess my skills through digital interviews alone?
Here are some of your questions answered with tips and tricks on how to nail your online interviews and make the most of the digital hiring process. At R Systems, we are constantly expanding our teams, and recruitment, as well as business, works in full speed while adjusting to the conditions and requirements. Yes, hiring is done 100% and we dare to say it worked successfully so far. via GIPHY

Be honest

We praise honesty before know-how. Being in front of the computer might get you the chance to look for a fast answer, in case you don’t know the right one to a question. Nonetheless, think twice before doing that. How are we going to build a proper ramp-up for you if we are not aware of the true extent of your knowledge?

Don’t be afraid to disagree

You might think that by agreeing all the time with your interviewer, whether it’s the recruiter or the technical interviewer, this will get you closer to the job. However, studies and our own experience show that the most engaging discussions are the ones where there’s a healthy disagreement that demonstrates curiosity and collaboration. Challenge us.

Be flexible

Flexibility is our routine. This is why we appreciate when our soon to be colleagues are also open to it. Whether it’s about technical issues, external noise or a simple change in plans, it can happen to each and everyone of us.

Don’t be afraid of the background noise

Having a job interview while being at home could be a bit scary these days, because of playful pets, creative toddlers or noisy neighbours. This period is about empathy and we won’t appreciate your skills less because of extra-elements that are a big part of your life. We want to get to know you. Who knows? Maybe we have the same issues.

Take the magical second

The internet is over-used these days, which might result in some delays in the conversation. We recommend to take a second before answering. This should help you not to overlap with your interviewer. Embrace the silence.

Online body language is important

Whether it’s online or offline, the non-verbal communication is the first one that strikes the interviewer. Let’s not forget that, on average, our words account only for 7%, while our body language and tone of voice accounts for 93% of the conversation. The responses delivered during an interview matter, but the non-verbal cues help us build an image of how you are as a professional.

Make a little prep before

Camera, audio…and action! We want the interview experience to be as close to the face to face interaction as possible, in order to understand if we are the right fit for each other. That’s why we would highly appreciate it if, by the time the dicussions starts, you have all the technicalities checked. A good working camera & microphone is the first step to a smooth conversation. An interview is a two way street, so you just have to meet your interviewer halfway. We are here to help you, even if the path might seem a bit crafty. Check out our career page and contact us. Until then, stay home & stay safe.

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