R Systems fundraising to help the fight against Covid-19

R Systems team has initiated a fund raising campaign to help the fight against the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

computaris fund raising against coronavirus covid-19

We are all living challenging times but we also need to rise to the challenge to the best of our abilities. There’s also no better way to test the strength and resilience of a team but by going through such difficult times. Having this in mind, R Systems has engaged in two projects aimed to support the medical efforts in the battle against the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic.

Last week R Systems Romania donated 2,000 euros to the Association ‘Daruieste Viata‘. The money will be directed to hospitals in need for medical equipment, in Bucharest and other cities in Romania.

In addition to the corporate initiatives of R Systems, the team have joined in a 30-day #fundraisingchallenge together with Asociatia Zi de Bine, in the campaign called #scutulpentruspitalemici. R Systems aims to raise 50,000 lei (approximately 10,000 euros) for the purchase of medical equipment and protection kits for the medical staff fighting against Covid-19 at the Clinical Hospital “Sfanta Maria” in Bucharest. A full protection suit costs approximately 100 lei and needs to be changed every 4-6 hours, therefore each contribution helps the medical team to continue treating the patients infected with Covid-19 and also to carry on the battle against the pandemic.

We are counting on the support of the entire R Systems team but also on the contribution of all people looking to help during this difficult times. If you wish to help as well, please check out the campaign page here.

Later edit: The campaign helped raise over 16.000 lei (~4,000 eur) and the money was used to acquire the protection equipment listed in the image below. We are happy we could contribute, the campaign is still open if you still wish to donate or share the campaign for more support from your friends. Click here for a full view of the Facebook post.

campanie computaris asociatia zi de bine

About ‘Daruieste Viata’

‘Dăruiește Viață’ (the Happiness Exchange) is the online fundraising platform of the Dăruiește Viață association, used for healthcare projects such as building sterile rooms, laboratories, oncology clinics, operating rooms, intensive care units, stem cell transplant units, or radiotherapy clinics. All investments are distributed in an efficient, transparent way, so that every investor can see where his money went, at all times.

About ‘Zi de Bine’

The Association ‘Zi de Bine’ focuses on painful and pressing issues such as mental health, domestic violence, abandoned children, education, poverty. The association joins resources with other non governmental organisations making sure that each person in need for help is treated with dignity and respect.

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