New plugin in the R Systems automated testing tool

We are happy to announce the development of a new plugin now available in our automated testing tool – TOP Testing Suite.

The new TCP Dump plugin automates the process of running, archiving and comparing network captures thus saving time and effort in regression test cases. The plugin allows the capturing of network packages on local or remote system under test thus creating PCAP files on different operating systems like Windows, Solaris, Unix. These network captures can be converted to different formats like: text, json and compared between different test runs with the new Comparison Sampler and Listener elements. The plugin also captures all the protocols (DIAMETER, RADIUS, LDAP, SOAP, HTTP2 REST API etc.) per test case level from the node under test. The automated testing tool is constantly updated and improved in order to comply with the quality assurance needs of our users as well as our own internal testing activities. R Systems TOP Testing Tool is a modular solution based on JMeter with opensource elements and R Systems plugins, such as Diameter, SS7, SIP, RTP, SMPP, etc. TOP Testing Suite automates test plans, reduces regression testing from days to minutes and supports continuous testing in line with Agile and DevOps practices. CI/CD integration is a great feature of the tool which comes with a dedicated Jenkins integration plugin allowing  QA teams to automatically create and plan test cases and easily run tests in a Jenkins Pipeline CI project.
For more details regarding the features and new developments in the testing tool, please view the solution page or contact us directly at

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