R Systems tackles network performance challenges during the COVID-19 crisis

R Systems offers business continuity solutions designed for telecom operators, to efficiently manage increased network loads especially in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting every aspect of the business world, as many companies are working from home using interactive communication platforms. In addition, the usual outdoor activities also moved to online through well-known streaming platforms and social media. As a result, it was created an unprecedented traffic demand for both mobile and fixed networks. In support of telecom operators, R Systems provides a systematic, proactive and well tested network performance management system and specific tools that enables a quick reaction to network capacity changes and voice and data services deterioration. R Systems provides a service performance tool which allows individual monitoring for each user, immediate error reporting, identification of locations and customers in need of urgent assistance with quick activation of restoring plans. In order to address the lack of protectiveness of traditional network management tools, R Systems introduced an intelligent monitoring solution for network key performance indicators (KPI), in order to increase the visibility of the network capacity limitations and the need for upgrade. These new indicators are far more sensitive to traffic load compared to traditional alarms. This innovative solution helps automatically identifies the type of network failure and reduces troubleshooting time by up to 70% Traditional network management tools take long time to detect changes in the network, which is inefficient and could lead to prolonged network outages. Sudden traffic peaks, a lack of visibility on the user’s location and isolated service deterioration are typical scenarios where existing network management tools don’t provide optimal solutions in a timely manner. In order to fight the negative network effects of the Covid-19, R Systems offers streamlining services to telecom operators in order to cope proactively with the actual network management challenges, as well as for future traffic demands and high quality customer services.

Check out our portfolio of telecom services and get in touch with us at marketing@eu.rsystems.com to find out more about how we can help.

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