Digital recruitment at R Systems: human interaction in a cyber world

Difficult times require creativity as a tool to fight the fire. Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, we are witnessing an unprecedented situation, where flexibility and innovation are key factors that will maintain business continuity. In these challenging times of uncertainty, we are leveraging technology and virtual methods of communication for digital recruitment, as the demand for business is even higher and the company is actively recruiting.

You might think that changing your workplace during these times is not a reasonable step in your career but working with the right company to ensure a smoother process is all that matters. Our entire recruitment team put all their resources into finding new members to join our family and continue our business strategy.

Our recruitment process is now 100% online

We adapted quickly to the new requirements for social distancing and auto-isolation and we’re inviting our candidates to video calls in order to get to know each other better and asses whether we are the right fit. After this first phase, we welcome our future colleagues in our team – still remote, via video conferences.


We pride ourselves to be a flexible team and always put our employees first, as they are our most valuable asset. This is why we make sure everything is well-prepared since day 1 for our new colleagues.

Our newest addition to the team, Mihai, from our office in Galati,  started this new „trend” since day 1. He stated that

Even if I would have liked to meet all of my colleagues face to face, the whole team made my settlement really smooth by having video calls and meeting them like “the new generation does”. I was very surprised to see how much they care about my adaptation process and how involved they are in the situation. My manager made a plan together with my colleagues for my ramp-up and it all seems really well established. We had a very good connection since I had the first interview and now it seems that it is all confirming.

From a manager’s point of view the current situation, in regards to recruitment, is all about creativity and mentorship.

We are trying to replace the face to face interaction with video calls, little jokes and sometimes even our children are there ready to be presented to the team. We have a very united team and the „welcome processes” are very well-defined, we just adapt them depending on the person that is joining the team, he declared.  

At the end of the day, people make business with people, not with companies. It’s important to understand the challenges your future colleagues are going through, both from an environmental and psychological perspective. Therefore, finding a way of working that facilitates both our well being & the business continuity is a must. Everything will be back to normality soon, we just hope for a better normality.

You can find our more about our careers section here.

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