Join our upcoming webinars: Elixir and bug ticket reporting

We are happy to announce two live webinars in the coming weeks, helping you to learn, improve your technical skills and remain connected during this time of remote communication.

Save the dates below and join our tech talks hosted by our colleagues from Chisinau, Moldova.

24 March 2020, 4.00pm EET is the date of the next R Systems webinar: “Elixir: Why is it a “must” in your programming portfolio?“, presented by Alexei Melnic, Senior Software Engineer.

How do you make yourself stand out in a sea of tech talent? While there are many answers to this question, Elixir is one of the “must do’s” in your programming career. Created with the principle of Erlang, Elixir is best defined by scalability, fault tolerance and functional programming. Social media giants already started to use it.

Register here, take a sip of Elixir, you might just get into it!

7 April 2020, 4.00pm EET – “The Why & How’s of Good Bug Ticket Reporting”, presented by Alexandru Andronovici, QA Engineer

Bug reporting can have significant impact on testing lifecycle and ultimately on the overall project success. And while most of us are familiar with Jira and use it on a daily basis to report and edit bug tickets, fully functional bug reporting is more than meets the eye.

Register here!

We are looking forward to seeing you in the audience!

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